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From time to time we hold special promotions on services and products we offer. This page is updated regularly with current special offers you can take advantage of when you visit us. We are always looking for new ways to serve our clients. This page allows you to see all the great new ways we strive to give you the best values for your beauty dollars. You can even sign our Guest Book if you would like us to notify you when specials are offered.

Preferred Customer Cards

Our Preferred Customer Cards (PCC) are like a prepaid debit card to the salon. Simply purchase a new PCC card or recharge an existing PCC card and save big! When you add money to your card, we add money too! PCC cards can be used towards services and products.

Example: You may recharge a PCC card and add $1000 and receive an
additional $200 on your card from the salon! That's $200 free!

Preferred Customer Card recharges are a special promotion, only offered a few times a year, so be sure to join our email list so we can let you know the next time the PCC card recharge is available!

*PCC balances are not redeemable for cash or gratuities and balances are non-refundable

Be a Model for one of our upcoming Educational Events!

Please register online by clicking the link below. Redhouse Salon conducts advanced cutting, coloring and styling events throughout the calendar year. These events are carried out under the guidance of our education directors. To facilitate this program, we are always looking for hair

If you would like to be considered for an upcoming event, please click here to fill out out a Model Survey


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